True Doggy Parents

True Doggy Parents

True animal Parents treat their beloved pets just like they would their own children. As a parent to the only child I have, Mr. Ash as you can see in the previous picture; I celebrate these momentous events such as his first birthday. He’s my baby, and I’m incredibly grateful to have this loving being around to teach me the ways of forgiveness and patience.

How do you celebrate the birthdays, or do you?


When Getting To The End Of Your Rope

Tie A Knot And Hang On!

January 2014

January 2014

Can anyone else be more thankful for the weekend than I am?!

I hate coming home to chores. :/ Honey had an accident in the house… and it was on THE COUCH! I was pretty put-out while cleaning this up because she didn’t even have the decency to hop down on the floor.

Ash got in the trash and shoved a banana peel down THE COUCH!

And Honey, yet again did something destructive and scratched up the carpet on the top of the stairs.

I had a difficult time containing my cool when the first thing I have to do when walking through the front door is clean up. Silly us for thinking that buying a trash bin with a lid would keep the Husky out of the garbage.

Knikki’s New Hair+Ash The Background Prancer

Ash is my little background buddy, prancing about, stealing the spotlight. 🙂

He’s just too adorable when he runs around with rope toys. 

Hope everyone’s Monday is going great so far!!

Just 1 More Month, Everyone!

Just 1 More Month, Everyone!

January 16th of this year we brought baby Ash home and he was ours. When the new year rings in, Ash will officially be 1 YEAR! We are thrilled, and I intend to spend this entire month of December planning wonderful things for him. I’m such a Doggy Mom, aren’t I?! I love it.

How Posts Get Made: Behind the Scenes?

I’ve usually got my little booger either under my chair, at my feet, or literally ON my feet. 🙂


He’s always keepin’ an eye on his Momma.